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3 Must-Have Components of Your Home Theater Installation

Home theater with projector and projection screen, overhead and wall lighting, and Finding Nemo info onscreen.

Take Your Viewing Experience to a New Level of Excitement with T-N-G Services

Someone is whispering next to you, the floors are sticky, the concession prices are sky-high, and the person in front of you just answered a text message during an intense movie scene. Where are you? The town movie theater.

If you’re ready to ditch the annoyances of the local cineplex and bring the ultimate viewing experience to your Olympia, WA, home, then it’s time to consider a professional home theater installation. A fully-immersive entertainment space awaits you once you contact T-N-G Services. Want to learn three must-have features of every home theater space, no matter your favorite movie genre? Keep reading below to find out!

Landscape Speakers Make Summertime Fun a Blast!

Triad in-ground subwoofer placed among the landscaping.

Change the Way You Entertain Outdoors This - And Every - Season with an Audio Upgrade

Pull off that pool or spa cover, and get ready to spend a lot more time outside with an awesome soundtrack this summer! It’s the perfect time to start preparing for a season filled with fun. And once it gets cooler, there’s no need to cancel your fun tunes and take them indoors, either, thanks to weather-resistant landscape speakers professionally installed by the team at T-N-G Services! 

To learn more about what’s possible in your Lacey, WA backyard, look at our blog about outdoor speakers below.

Driveway Gates Are Indispensable in Protecting Your Property & Family

Person inside their car clicking a gate remote in front of a driveway gate so it will open

T-N-G Services Offers Cutting-Edge Gate Automation Technology to Homeowners

Imagine guests rolling into your driveway and communicating with you from the gate. You’re able to speak to them, see them on camera, and buzz them in all from your smartphone or tablet. No need to worry about solicitors coming to your front door - you can vet everyone from the convenience of your smart device without ever getting up from your seat! Or imagine driveway gates opening simply with a click of your finger on a remote - it’s all possible with an automated gate system from T-N-G Services!

Driveway gates offer a superior level of protection to your home in Tumwater, WA, or the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn how this outdoor home solution adds convenience and safety to your daily lifestyle.

3 Home Control Technologies For Your Property


T-N-G Services Is Your Premier Local Home Automation Company

Have you ever described your home life as luxurious? True luxury living is possible when you partner with a professional home automation company like T-N-G Services. 

Our technology experts integrate disparate smart home solutions like lighting, shading, and security into one comprehensive, easy-to-use control system. We work with brand partners like Lutron,, and Control4 to ensure devices work effortlessly and in conjunction with other subsystems throughout your home. One tap of a button and your entire Lacey, WA, home responds instantly.

To learn more about home automation and how it can dramatically improve your daily routines, keep reading below!

Why You Need a Home Network Setup


Create a connected space with high-speed internet with a home network setup 

A home network setup is an essential item for every smart home. In addition to providing a strong internet connection, home network also enables connected living. 

Most smart homes need a home network setup to access automated devices fully. With a stable Wi-Fi connection, you get top-speed internet and more control over devices throughout your home. Araknis and Pakedge, in particular, are two network setups that offer exceptional services. Read on to find out their features and why your home needs them. 

Learn the Basics of Gate Automation and Routine Maintenance


Protect What’s Protecting You: Going Above and Beyond with Gate Automation

When people think of smart home technologies, they don’t often think about the devices and systems on the exterior of their Olympia, WA home, let alone their gate automation system. Gates are essential security components of estates in the area, though. Not only do they protect your family and your belongings, but they provide peace of mind as well!

Keep scrolling to learn more about gate automation and essential maintenance considerations to ensure everything runs as designed.




Your Lacey, WA home should be the one place where you can relax and unwind, where your mind is always at ease. A smart home with advanced security offers the ultimate convenience making your lifestyle more manageable and comfortable.

A home surveillance system offers the freedom of knowing that your property and the people you love are protected. Yet, regardless of your neighborhood, the potential threat of intruders exists. A home surveillance system actively detects and deters criminals whether you are at home or away.

Are you intrigued by how a more personalized system gives you a newfound sense of safety? Continue reading below to find out more. 

Manage Entry Into Your Home With An Access Control System


Discover The Benefits of Electronic Locks and Garage Doors For Security And Convenience. 

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family, and home and smart security systems offer you the most comprehensive coverage. With the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, you can lock doors and bring up security cameras, and monitor your home’s status. 

You may be familiar with how Control4 home automation furnishes you with effortless control of your lighting or whole-home audio. An integrated access control system gives you complete management of your entryways and property access by the same measures. 

Whether you need to control the flow of tradespeople throughout your property or are looking for the peace of mind that luxury electronic locks offer, our professional team has the right solutions. If you are intrigued by the possibilities for your Olympia, WA home, continue reading below. 

When the Lightbulb Comes On - Lutron Lighting Can Do It All


Learn How This Lighting Manufacturer Has Changed the Luxury Lifestyle Market

Imagine walking into your home and your lighting turning on automatically to light your pathway from the front door or garage to the living room. It’s possible with Lutron lighting. Innovative sensors, programmable smart scenes, and energy-saving LED technology all work in sync to provide homeowners a luxury living experience powered by lighting!

With Lutron lighting, you’ve got it all. Keep scrolling below to learn how this premier smart home brand has changed how luxury homeowners in Tumwater, WA, and beyond experience their homes.

Triad Brings Uncompromising High-Resolution Audio to Homes


Experience Unrivaled Audio Performance From Every Room and For Every Occasion

In 2017, Control4 purchased Triad speakers, a pioneering brand long known for their high-end customized speaker design and advanced audio technology. That acquisition revolutionized the whole home audio system that now gives you unrivaled audio performance from every room and for every occasion. Let’s look at how these combined systems are transforming homes in Lacey, WA.  

Protect Your Home and Property with Access Control Systems


Automatic Gates, Door Locks, and Remote Monitoring Allow You to Manage Who Can Gain Entry. 

Your home is a sanctuary, the place where you can truly be yourself. Therefore, controlling access to your house and property is an essential component in guaranteeing the safety and security of your family.

While video surveillance systems offer you advance notice and the ability to identify individuals, managing who can enter and where they can go is your strongest protection. Using a combination of automation, automatic gates, locks, and garage doors provides peace of mind from anywhere in the world. 

Are you intrigued by possibilities for your Olympia, WA home? Continue reading to learn more. 

Imagine Your Lifestyle with a Smart Home System


Enjoy Personalized Automation and Control Over the Technology in Your Home

What’s your typical morning routine? After you get out of bed and brush your teeth, you likely open the windows to let in sunshine and make your way to the kitchen to start breakfast or to the kids’ room to wake them up. Once everyone is awake, you likely turn on the TV or tune into a streaming news station on your phone or tablet to learn what’s happening in the world. From there, breakfast and coffee are a must, and then everyone makes their way to the front door to leave for school or work.

The scenario we just described is likely what you do most of the week, with a similar but reversed winding down routine in the evenings as you make your way back to bed. What if we told you that there’s a way to automate many of the actions you and your family do every day in your Tumwater, WA home? With a smart home system, you can.

Keep reading below to learn how incorporating smart technologies onto your property can elevate your lifestyle and make life more convenient with a simple tap of your finger.

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