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When the Lightbulb Comes On - Lutron Lighting Can Do It All


Learn How This Lighting Manufacturer Has Changed the Luxury Lifestyle Market

Imagine walking into your home and your lighting turning on automatically to light your pathway from the front door or garage to the living room. It’s possible with Lutron lighting. Innovative sensors, programmable smart scenes, and energy-saving LED technology all work in sync to provide homeowners a luxury living experience powered by lighting!

With Lutron lighting, you’ve got it all. Keep scrolling below to learn how this premier smart home brand has changed how luxury homeowners in Tumwater, WA, and beyond experience their homes.

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Style that Complements Your Décor

Many homeowners initially shy away from adding smart technologies to their homes because they assume it will add clutter or bulky plastic eyesores to their living areas. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Many smart home brands, especially Lutron, thrive on unique, stylistic offerings that match and complement décor that families have painstakingly taken time to curate. 

Brushed metallic finishes on the new Alisse keypads offer an old-world style with intuitive backlit buttons that blend traditional style with a modern flair. Architectural dimmer sliders are sleek and yet filled with innovation, making outdated dimmer knobs a thing of the past. Matte, metals, and a plethora of color finishes are all at your fingertips, and our expert team can help you select the perfect fit for your home in Tumwater or the surrounding areas. Technology doesn’t have to come at the expense of your interior design.

One-Tap Control

Going around to every room to flip switches on and off depending on the time of day can be a tedious chore. Now, use your smartphone or one-tap control on a tablet or on-wall keypad to adjust the lighting to the perfect intensity; you can even incorporate other technologies to work in sync with Lutron lighting.

Press the “Good Morning” button to initiate an impressive series of smart device responses in the mornings. Motorized shades rise to let soft sunlight into your bedroom, helping you gradually wake up to the day instead of jolting awake to a blaring alarm clock! Lights gradually get brighter, first in the bedroom while you’re still in bed, then over the next thirty minutes, the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen illuminate for you so you can prepare for the day ahead. In the evening, a “Goodnight” scene will lower shades, turn off lights, and arm your security system. Who could imagine that lighting could be so smart? Lutron imagined it and made it a reality!

Let T-N-G Services shine a light on the possibilities of smart lighting from Lutron. Connect with us using our online contact form or give us a call. We’re always here for you.

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