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Driveway Gates Are Indispensable in Protecting Your Property & Family

Person inside their car clicking a gate remote in front of a driveway gate so it will open

T-N-G Services Offers Cutting-Edge Gate Automation Technology to Homeowners

Imagine guests rolling into your driveway and communicating with you from the gate. You’re able to speak to them, see them on camera, and buzz them in all from your smartphone or tablet. No need to worry about solicitors coming to your front door - you can vet everyone from the convenience of your smart device without ever getting up from your seat! Or imagine driveway gates opening simply with a click of your finger on a remote - it’s all possible with an automated gate system from T-N-G Services!

Driveway gates offer a superior level of protection to your home in Tumwater, WA, or the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn how this outdoor home solution adds convenience and safety to your daily lifestyle.

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Peace of Mind

Managing property access is an overwhelming task for any homeowner. Instead of worrying about who has access to your home, you can restrict and control access in innovative ways. Driveway gates offer encrypted protection, so you don’t need to worry about anyone accessing your powered gate when they shouldn’t. Plus, whenever a guest needs access but doesn’t have a remote clicker, you can remotely let them in with video and telephone access technology. Below we’ll cover a few different types of access.

Multiple Access Control Options

Beyond the gate itself, there are various access control measures you can add to your driveway gate system. Video cameras provide visual proof to homeowners, so they know if it’s a guest, family member, or solicitor trying to gain entry to the property. Pair the video footage with keypad entry, and you give guests unique user codes to enter on their own, or you can buzz them in from a smartphone app yourself. 

The T-N-G Services team also programs remotes for everyone in your household, so entry is a breeze. One button-click and the high-performance gates roll or swing - depending on the model - out of the car’s way. You can also provide these to housekeepers or dog walkers while you’re away from home, so they have approved access to the property. Check in on your surveillance cameras and security system to ensure the right people enter or exit your home at the right times. 

Your Automated Gates Specialist

Whether it’s an ornate wrought iron gate that rolls across the driveway, a decorative wooden gate that swings open, or anything in-between, our team can set up the perfect one to make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

Give us a call at (360) 791–8366, or connect with us here to get started.

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