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Why You Need a Home Network Setup


Create a connected space with high-speed internet with a home network setup 

A home network setup is an essential item for every smart home. In addition to providing a strong internet connection, home network also enables connected living. 

Most smart homes need a home network setup to access automated devices fully. With a stable Wi-Fi connection, you get top-speed internet and more control over devices throughout your home. Araknis and Pakedge, in particular, are two network setups that offer exceptional services. Read on to find out their features and why your home needs them. 


Araknis Networks

If top speed and seamless connectivity are your primary concerns, Araknis Networks has everything you’re looking for in store. Not only is it easy to install a network, but it is also a cloud-based server that is fast and reliable. 

With this network system, you can get multiple wireless access points (WAPs) that offer a seamless signal transfer. It also comes with extensive VPN support that contains an embedded firewall for safe and secure browsing every time. It is ideal for those who have to work from home and need remote access to a company’s software. 

The Araknis 300-series router balances the load and prevents system failures while providing outclass internet speed. 


If you’re all about high-quality audio and video integration and automation system throughout your home, you need to get Pakedge equipment installed. It comes with chipsets that offer high power and speed for hassle-free integration even in multi-application units. 

If you opt for BakPak remote management, you can manage all devices remotely from anywhere. The best part is that the whole system is wireless, and homeowners don’t have to deal with obstructive wiring. 

For the seamless operation of your audio and video system, you will need to incorporate a router. The router assigns data to every destination, so you get uncompromised automation and network throughout your house.

Beyond Networking Equipment

For boosted home security, you can even install IP cameras. Pakedge’s IP cameras always deliver a high-definition view of your home. You can watch what’s happening at home even when you’re away and have peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. 

The cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors without motion-blurring or pixelated video. The IR LED displays low-light images in high definition.

Contact Us Today!

T-N-G Services brings you the best home network setups in Olympia, WA. We partner with top tech service providers, including Araknis and Pakedge. Get started on your project today by calling us at (360) 791-8366 or fill out an easy online contact form at our website to get more details. We look forward to enhancing your network, entertainment and security! 

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