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3 Must-Have Components of Your Home Theater Installation

Home theater with projector and projection screen, overhead and wall lighting, and Finding Nemo info onscreen.

Take Your Viewing Experience to a New Level of Excitement with T-N-G Services

Someone is whispering next to you, the floors are sticky, the concession prices are sky-high, and the person in front of you just answered a text message during an intense movie scene. Where are you? The town movie theater.

If you’re ready to ditch the annoyances of the local cineplex and bring the ultimate viewing experience to your Olympia, WA, home, then it’s time to consider a professional home theater installation. A fully-immersive entertainment space awaits you once you contact T-N-G Services. Want to learn three must-have features of every home theater space, no matter your favorite movie genre? Keep reading below to find out!

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AV System

A professionally installed home theater setup requires an out-of-this-world audio/video system that takes you to the exciting, new worlds of every TV show and movie scene. An ultra-high-definition flatscreen TV or projector and projection screen offer vibrant colors and deep blacks for the ultimate picture quality experience. A surround sound system featuring Dolby Atmos provides 360-degrees of sound that blankets you in whatever action is taking place on the screen. The sound feels like it is emanating from every direction.


For every Netflix binge or movie marathon that you and your family take part in, you need to be comfortable. Our home theater experts not only help you select the perfect AV system for your entertainment space, but we’ll help you pick the perfect seating as well. Luxurious, plush fabrics in a variety of styles, including chaise lounge chairs, recliners, and sofas, ensure soundwaves don’t bounce and light doesn’t reflect poorly. This space is designed not only for your viewing pleasure but for your comfort as well.

Smart Control

Now imagine your home theater being controllable with the very same home automation interface you’ve grown to love using throughout the rest of your house. One tap of a button on a Control4 Neeo smart remote, an on-wall keypad, or your smartphone initiates a seemingly magical sequence of events: the lights dim, the projector fires up, and the projection screen lowers from its hidden spot in the ceiling. Within seconds, your entire home theater room transforms, and you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The only thing you need to worry about is bringing the popcorn!

Your Entertainment Partner

At T-N-G Services, we take pride in our innovative smart home solutions that make life more luxurious and convenient. We love creating a customized home theater space for homeowners so that they can have a space dedicated solely to enjoying themselves. 


If you’re ready to take your entertainment possibilities to the next level, connect with us here to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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